Auditioning @ UI

Our audition days can be found here . If you can’t make neither of these dates, please contact me to set up a time that works for bot of us.

If you are considering a double bass degree at the University of Iowa, you may want to consider a trial lesson. I provide a free private lesson that enables students to get a sense of my teaching style. If you are too far and would like a lesson through Skype, contact me to set up a time.

Audition Requirements


  • Major and minor scales in two octaves,
  • One etude from Smandl, Hrabe or equivalent methods,
  • Two contrasting solo works.


  • Major and minor scales in three octaves,
  • One movement from a major sonata or concerto,
  • One movement from a Bach Cello Suite,
  • Two contrasting orchestral excerpts.

If alternate audition repertoire is desired, please contact me for approval.


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