Rebecca Hooper

I grew up in West Hartford, Connecticut and came here to The University of Iowa to get my Bachelors degree in double bass performance under Prof. Diana Gannett. Through an odd set of circumstances (one being I finally became a resident of Iowa after living here for seven years) I decided to get my Masters degree here as well. With the exception of a little bout of appendicitis (and the removal of the offending body part) life as a bass student goes very well.
For those orchestra players out there who think there are no orchestra gig opportunities here in Iowa, think again. I have been a contracted member of the Cedar Rapids Symphony Orchestra for some five years, a contracted member of the Waterloo Symphony Orchestra going on three and did a one year stint as a contracted member of the Dubuque Symphony Orchestra as well. If you have the chops you can audition to get on the substitute list for the Quad Cities SO and the Des Monies SO. There are also at least three paying orchestras that don’t require a contract within a two and half hour drive of Iowa City.
If Jazz is more your style Iowa City is the place to be. Being a college town there are a lot of bars and many of them have live local bands booked. I have known many bassists here in the University’s music program who were classical bassists by day, jazzers by night.



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